Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico


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Location, Location, Location

Yep, it's all about location. The hotel you choose can really make or break your vacation. I got lucky!

I chose an all-inclusive resort hotel: the Moon Palace. It is a beautiful resort located about a 20 minute drive South down the coast from the main strip of Cancun. I chose it for its tranquility, being surrounded on three sides by jungle, and on the fourth by the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The organized chaos of the Cancun strip is just a view on the horizon.

View of Cancun from Hotel

The view from my entry way: Down the sandy stretch of beach, you can see Cancun's main strip in the distance.

I awoke some mornings to beautiful sunrises over the Gulf, viewed through the windows leading onto my balcony. What luxury to greet the day this way.



No, I'm not an employee of the Moon Palace, nor in any way getting payola for giving you this link. I just really loved staying there. So check it out if you're looking for accomodations in the Cancun area:



How did I find this fabulous hotel? I booked it all through USAirways Vacations online. They have tons of all-inclusive vacations. My single fee included hotel, airfare, meals/drinks, and transportation from and to the airport. I was drawn to this package, because the hotel seemed far away from the strip, and the package included several extra activities, such as snorkeling and sight-seeing trips -- a real differentiator.