Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico


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Ames at the Moon Palace

Hi, I'm Ames. I hope you've enjoyed surfing through this site. I've been wanting to create an online travel journal for eons, and this was all the fun I thought it would be.

By the way, I recommend trying out Tripod's site building tools. They make it sooooo easy.

Most importantly, I hope you enjoy the pictures, even if you choose to ignore my ramblings. I only hope I did justice to the beauty I found on the Yucatan peninsula.

So why all the hoopla about the big piles of stone at Chichen Itza? I was an Art History major in college, so don't blame me for being fascinated by this kind of thing. Sorry if the use of stuffy words like "motif" and "iconography" make you want to retch.

Meanwhile, I cannot vouch for the validity of the text I've included. I'm going on memory, here, and I didn't take notes during my walk around Chichen Itza. If I've offended any scholars or Mayans by getting the dates or facts wrong, my heartiest apologies. I hope my enthusiasm for the place is what sticks with you more than anything else.

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