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It's Hot in the Hot Springs

Heidi falls for Yellowstone, and hard...


From the postcard: Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Yellowstone National Park. Showing the Lower Falls from Moran Point.

Hi everyone,
Yellowstone is amazing! Boiling mud to geysers to the tops of mountains! Right now I am sitting at the top of Mt. Washburn (10,243) while there is an intense rain storm going on. We luckily made it to the top before it started and are hanging out in the observation deck! It's amazing! I will probably stay here a few more days, then to the Tetons!

Love, me.

P.S. met a nice guy Tony from Waltham! We're camping together. :)


From the postcard: Yellowstone National Park -- Grand Prismatic Spring as seen from the air, is located at Midway Geyser Basin with a diameter of 370 feet. It is the largest hot spring in the park.

Hey everyone,
I know I already sent a postcard from Yellowstone, but this place was SO magnificent I had to show you all! The colors were even more vibrant than this postcard shows. I have to say I am still amazed with the beauty of nature.

I am blown away by how this is created. When you walk around the hot spring the steam blasts and you're hit with the smell of sulfur. The whole ground feels alive. It's almost eerie thinking about the energy under your feet. It definitely reminds you of the power of this earth! :)