Heidi on the Road


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Finally in Colorado

She reaches the land of her dreams, picks up pal Pete, and finds terror in Telluride...

Hey everyone,
The Tetons were amazing. We did the sickest hike! I also hung out in Jackson Hole... a fabulous town! Who knows, maybe I'll wind up there.

I seemed to have picked up a stray along the way... his name is Pete. I think I'll keep him around for a while. We got into Aspen to discover there was a huge outdoor concert with Widespread Panic headlining... Of course we went! It was so much fun! Today we hiked to the top of Mt. Aspen (3200 ft)! It was a killer but beautiful. I like Aspen.

Love, Pete & Heidi


From the postcard: City Hall, the original Armary Hall built in 1891-1892. Aspen, Colorado.


From the postcard: Mount Wilson -- Located just west of the historic town of Telluride, Mount Wilson reaches an altitude of over 14,000 ft. Lupine are seen growing here in the foreground.

Hey everyone,
Due to forces beyond our control, we spend the night at a ranch while our car spent the night at "Big O". In typical Heidi fashion, my car decided to kiss the mountain. After two bent rims, a broken mirror, some nice dents, a HELL of a lot of dirt, a fabulous dinner and some amazing people, we were on our way again! Basalt is a gorgeous town but one day there is plenty for us! On to Telluride...

P.S. Things like this ALWAYS restore my faith in people. :)