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New England to the MidWest

So we bundled her up with all her worldly belongings and packed her in the car...

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Hi everyone!
Well, we wandered into Niagara Falls about 3:00am and immediately crashed. When we awoke, we were pleasantly surprised to find we were walking distance to the Falls. We spent the morning ambling along the walk way mesmerized by the energy and power before us. We ended our Niagara Falls experience by going on the "Maid of the Mist" boat trip. Yes, it's true we dressed in blue plastic for the occasion. :) Next stop, Birmingham!

Love, Heidi

This is Heidi's first group postcard. She and I both headed out from Boston together, and had our first stop at Niagara. By the way, that was us in the boat on the postcard. She even wrote "we were here" on the card.



From the postcard: Cranbrook's Saarinen House, designed 1928-30 by Eliel Saarinen, Architect. The courtyard, view from dining room, with Kivi's Muse by Waino Aaltonen.

Hi everyone,
Well, I am sitting at a camp fire, watching the flickering flames and reflecting on the last few days. Ames and I had a fabulous time in MI. I have to say it was hard to say good-bye. :( Ahhh, but the trip must go on...

Ames's Mom & I took a tour of the Saarinen house at Cranbrook which was just wonderful. We enjoyed walking the grounds and takin in the sights...

Then, off on my own. I got a hot tip that Warren Dunes State Park was worth stopping for, so I decided to check it out. It is!! :) I went on a small hike and swam in Lake MI which I'm camping on. It's beautiful. More to come...