Heidi on the Road


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Feeling Minnesota

So she set off all on her own, into the sunset on the Great Lakes...


"There are things known and there are things unknown; in between are doors" -William Blake

Hi everyone,
Well, I am in a very small town in Minnesota. I took a break from the thunder and lightning storms to tell you all I am doing well. I am sure Ames has filled you all in on the first half of our trip so I will skip that. All I will say is Niagara Falls...WOW! Michigan was great fun as well. From there I went to Warren Dunes state park, a little unknown treasure. I swam in lake Michigan and hiked around the dunes. Next, I made it to Minnesota. Besides lots of rain, thunder and lightning there is not much to report... except maybe a very soggy sleeping bag! Yuck. Oh well, the reports are calling for more rain so I better get used to it. I don't want to write too much because I have a series of post cards that Ames is going to put on a web site for me. I have been going into more detail in these. They should be arriving in a few days.

For now I have to run. I see some blue skies I want to bask in before it's too late.

Love from the road,

The photo is from a postcard Heidi sent to me. I thought it was a great 'Heidi sentiment' epitomizing her attitude, so I had to include it. The text is an email from 7/21.



This one came in the form of a letter. The image from the front of the card is pictured here -- a Monet.

Hi everyone,
The next installment of the Heidi adventure comes without a post card because in between Michigan and Minnesota there's not much worth getting a post card of... Unless you want to see corn fields. :)

After I left Warren Dunes, my trip took a slight turn for the worse. I had been traveling about 8 hours when I decided I had enough. I drove in to Austin, MN, better known as "Spam USA", which they proudly boast with signs on every light post.

I drove to the campground only to find it 5 feet under water. Yes, it had flooded due to all the rain we were having...

So, back on the road to Albert Lea State Park. I set up camp and ate dinner to a magnificent light show from the fire flies. I curled into bed with thoughts of a nice mountain bike ride in the morning. Just as I was falling asleep, the thunder crashed overhead and the lightning brightened the sky. I almost had a heart attack!

The storm lasted most of the night, but I did finally fall asleep. When I woke up I was in a huge puddle. I have to admit my spirits were low. Nothing a bike ride wouldn't cure, I thought...

The sign read "no mountain biking -- trails closed due to flooding". So, back in the car I went!

I was not in a good mood, but as I drove the skies cleared and my spirit rose. I stopped in Blue Mound State Park where I met Tammy, Kevin and Mark. We went on a hike and found bison!!! They are big animals!!! I drove a little farther and dried out. I am happy again. :)